Big Schools Birdwatch

Big Schools Birdwatch

From the 3rd January till the 17th February, the RSPB’s national Big Schools Birdwatch is running to encourage children to learn about birds and nature in general. Every year, schools sign up to record and observe the number and types of birds that visit the school grounds and to submit the results to a national database. These figures can then be used to determine how well the bird population is doing, whether numbers of our feathered friends are increasing and what species are common.
The aim of this annual event is to provide a fun and educational experience for both children and adults. The Big Schools Bird Watch website,, is packed full of resources for learning about all aspects of bird life, from a bird species poster to recording equipment. It provides information on how to feed birds and activities you can undertake with a school class.

How to Encourage Birds into Your Playground

Providing habitat for birds and animals in your school is important. For one, there is the huge reason in that it can aid learning for children on the environment. Being surrounded by wildlife in your playground it can help children relax. This creating pupils with better concentration skills. Looking out on plants, trees and creatures is also a lot more interesting than a concrete jungle.
It’s possible to attract all sorts of birds no matter if you’re in a city centre or the countryside. As with any animal to key to bringing birds to your area is to provide food, water and shelter in which they feel relaxed in. Outdoor playground spaces where birds can retreat to that are raised off the floor such as trees and structures such as gazebos and even climbing frames. Birds like height as it protects them from predators such as cats. Planting beds bring insects, which in turn brings birds that feed on the insects. Our Bird Table is ideal to provide a food and drink area for birds, coming with a steel water bowl. It also comes with hooks to hang fat balls and other treats for them.
Become part of the Big Schools Birdwatch and turn your school playground into a haven for our flying friends!

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