Crossing the Line-Markings

Line markings are often over looked in a school playground for more spectacular outdoor play equipment such as climbing frames. Used correctly however, and thermoplastic markings can stimulate children in many aspects of physical and mental development.
These colourful lines are versatile and can be used as standalone items or in conjunction with other products. Each line marking pattern can be made unique to suit your space, and each marking is made from a thermoplastic material that is hardwearing and durable.
The design possibilities are endless as long as the room allows! Ranging from road tracks and MUGA markings to huge compasses and number snakes, any bespoke line markings can be produced. Our design team has a vast amount of experience creating markings that will provide fun activities for children to play with.
The great thing about line markings is that they are a cost effective way of bringing a school playground to life. They can quickly transform a dull tarmac area into a vibrant that is packed with games to be played.
For just a small selection of what line markings we can offer your school please visit our website for further details.

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