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Toby Tavern Bar & Grill

When Karl and his team took on the opportunity to reinvigorate the Toby Tavern Bar and Grill, it was decided to focus on being family friendly pub, and so Playsound was approached to design and build a play structure with a “wow” factor. Working together with Karl, Playsound worked to creating the HMS Invincible, resulting in a local landmark which children just can’t get enough of. The Invincible is a 10m long x 3m wide pirate play ship crammed full of exciting features that children can spend hours playing on.

The structure’s final design was made from a combination of steel, to give a solid platform base, and timber to reflect the nature of a traditional ship. Bright HDPE panels were used to attract children and provide a vivid feature against the trees in the background.

Part of the specifications was to make sure that it was suitable for children of all ages. The lower-levels of the Invincible play ship is focused on younger children with crawl through tunnels and play panels. The central platform has a straight HDPE slide for exiting.

The rear of the ship houses the more challenging elements. Entry is either by an inclined clatter bridge or by a narrowing scramble net. Both require careful navigation. The highlight of the play ship is a twisting tube slide for only the bravest users!

The new play area is easily viewed from a passing main road so has now become a local landmark. After completion, Karl said “Business has boomed since the new playground at the Toby Tavern was installed by Playsound. Children can’t wait to use it and parents now have a fun and safe place to take their kids whilst relaxing themselves.”

Class Activities


Date : 03 Sep 2015

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