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Arnot St Marys Primary School

Date: September 2011

Arnot St Marys are a long standing partner of Playsound, with various playground areas having been developed over the years.

The school had a large concrete area that they wanted to break up with a trim trail enclosed within a timber fenced space.

Equipment such as the A Frame Climber, a Wobble Board and Parallel Ropes formed the basis of the new trim trail, with artificial grass proving a hardwearing yet natural looking safety surface. A length of timber picket fencing with curved top pales gave a decorative look to the borders of the area. The school wanted the ability to be able to close over certain areas when required, such as leading parents in to the main playground rather than the trim trail area but at a later time allow access from the trim trail into the playground. A clever use of gating that has two closing points frrom one swing point allowed this.

In a neighbouring area an over sized den area was installed over an existing stage, creating a theatrical backdrop from any drama lessons. Another area of artificial grass brightened up the surfacing too instead of an expanse of bare tarmac.

The successful finished play area resulted in a partenership on a number of other spaces, such as the revamp of the schools pond as well as a new reception class area with bespoke planters and play houses. The finished project now offers a playground for children to participate in physical activity, as well as learning about the environment and reflection time in the nature area.

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Date : 05 Sep 2015

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