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Broad Oak Primary

Broad Oak Primary School in St Helens wanted to develop their KS1 play are to provide a more stimulating and physically challenging environment for their children. They approached Playsound with their vision: a central climbing structure with a trim trail circuit surrounding this structure. Having determined what the goal of the project was to achieve, our sales and design team came back to the school with three proposals so the school could chose the perfect design.

Broad Oak gave the work to us after two other companies also provided ideas. The chosen design incorporated coloured wetpour to create a desert island theme to the area to appear more attractive to the children. A Clamber Stack was used as the main structure on a raised bed to provide more of a physical challenge, with a fun trim trail circuit and stop watch encouraging users to cross the trail as quickly as possible.

The installation took place during the summer holiday to minimise disruption and once the children and staff came back after the holidays they couldn’t wait to try out their new play equipment.

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Date : 13 Sep 2016

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