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Centre @ Halton

Date: July 2011

The Centre @ Halton is a local community centre based near Lancaster, owned and managed by the Halton Community Association (HCA), a registered charity. The Centre had opened initially in the 1970’s but in 2010 a new, modern premises replaced the original building having received money from the Lancashire Environmental Funds. As part of the redevelopment it was decided that the outdoors needed work on them to create a hub for the children of Halton.

Having worked with a local landscape designer on previous playgrounds who was working on this project, we were asked to help create some bespoke products. The brief was to install a raised platform walkway from which various activities came off, such as slides, fireman’s poles and scramble nets. Both natural and man-made gradients would be formed to add a more interesting and shaped element for users.

The timber walkway had several prototypes made to make sure the platforms were strong enough and after much thought and a test section, the final walkway was manufactured by our own joinery team. It had a range of play panels, climbing nets and slides protruding from the pontoons that were created in sections and transported to site.

Other equipment including a climbing unit, springys and rotating units were installed as well as a timber framed flat and cradle seat swing set. A natural looking sandpit with boulders and nearby seating provided sandpit, and the entire area was enclosed by a low level timber and mesh fence.

In a hugely successful event, the MP David Morris opened up the new facilities on 10th July, 2011 and is now a place where the local children can meet and play in.

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