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Collyhurst School

Date: February 2013

Since initially coming to Playsound to install an outdoor timber canopy, we have developed a close relationship with the school having worked on a number of different areas within the site of the nursery.

The main playground was previously a muddy site with a variety of different levels providing a difficult area to work with. Working closely with the school, we divided up the playground into a number of different areas, including a small MUGA area, a sensory pathway, a car track and artificial grass to state a small number of features. This wasn’t just one section of play area- this was a complete external overhaul.

The end result was one of our most impressive projects and the thrilled nursery has since come back numerous times to enhance other areas of the school. Children have been given the chance to play and learn in an environment that is both stimulating and inspiring. The creative use of the natural undulations of the ground gives a multi level play experience. It encourages social interaction and enables children to enhance physical and mental skills.

Sales Manager Cathie Durgan said “This has been one of the most impressive transformations on a project we’ve seen. The school had a clear idea in mind and the difference the new playgrounds have made for the children is remarkable.”

The school has since taken out one of our maintenance packages meaning that their equipment is closely monitored to ensure its long-term upkeep and safety. Recommendations are provided if replacement parts are required and inspections on all fixings by physical test.

Such was the success of the play area, Collyhurst Nursery asked us to come back and look at another area that needed revamping. With a limited space, the playground design made use of blank wall space using play panels and musical panels. A brand new product, the Wig Wam was developed as a new role play and den area.

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Date : 06 Sep 2015

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