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Cravenwood Primary

Date: June 2012

Here at Playsound we love to work on play equipment that is different and completely bespoke. When Cravenwood Primary came to us saying they wanted to regenerate their play area with custom made embankment slides, canopies and made to measure handrails we couldn’t wait to say yes.

As with many schools the entire project was broken down in to stages, with the first comprising of a timber stage canopy and KS1 area. The canopy had wall mounted rear posts due to site restrictions and a sharp slope meant that steps and a ramp was included to access the stage. Just around the corner play panels and a road track fill a previously empty space.

The second and largest stage saw the redevelopment of the nursery area. The school wanted to incorporate an embankment slide starting from a walled off pathway. The wall was split and powder coated steel entry rails provided ease-of-access, before a wide stainless steel slide was installed.

The rest of the area led children to various features via a tarmac, rubber and textured pathway. A small artificial grassed seating area led to an Entrance Arch with log planters and a timber Play Cabin. To the very back of the long wooded space a decked stage and seating provides not only a place for practising drama but also a quiet seating area.

The overall effect is very impressive and is sure to encourage children in role play, creativity and physical development. The wooden environment provides a unique environment that the new play area enhances and makes a feature of. All of the equipment is very natural looking to match the surround environment and the staff is thrilled with the finished result.

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Date : 05 Sep 2015

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