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Elm Cottage – Thorn Grove

Date: August 2011

Having been recommended Playsound by a nearby school, when Elm Cottage required some work on a playground they came to us asking for some guidance and a design for their new area. The school had an issue with a balcony that led from the classrooms down to the play area. The timber structure had rotted and become unsafe. With the school also wanting shade in the area it was decided to combine the new balcony walkway with a custom made timber canopy with a decking ramp to allow for wheelchair access.

The balcony went across the front of two classrooms and Elm Cottage wanted to divide the canopy off between the two classrooms. Balustrade was chosen as the railing, giving an attractive feature that kept the canopy looking light. The rest of the play area was to be focused around a textured tarmac pathway with sections of cobbles, wet pour and decking strips with a central bridge feature and slide. Artificial grass was used as an all weather surface with two dens included- a Den area with camo net as well as a Willow Den inside a barked area.

The work started in the summer of 2011 with the vast majority of the new balcony and canopy built on site. Work went quick, even though allowances had to be made for the access to drainage of the school building. With the installation taking place over the summer it mean there were no logistical problems with children wanting to use the area.

The end results are a canopy that is attractive as well as functional. The chosen surfaces means that play is available all year round, even after a heavy period of rain. Both the school and the children are proud of their new area as it’s turned an old and dilapidated area into a fun and modern teaching environment.

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Date : 06 Sep 2015

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