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Laycock Primary

Laycock Primary was a phased project completed over two years. The first stage was the installation of only the second ever Thackley climber, a twin towered climbing unit with steel Lilypad steps and a crawl through tunnel. Colourful HDPE panels and red wet pour safety surfacing brightened up the reception area, providing an attractive and challenging fun external space for children to play on.

The second area was the completion of an embankment area. Previously, a ramped pathway led to an under-used steel trim trail, but the pathway was inaccessible for wheelchair uses. We installed a brand new rubber shred pathway with a zig-zag, meaning the gradient to the top of the sloped area was less steep. Next door to that a Clamber Stack 2 was positioned and a raised platform and ramp climb provided a climbing area that made use of the natural contours of the land. Artificial grass laid down means that this section can be used all year round no matter how muddy it gets.

The final area was the installation of a completely enclosed MUGA area with steel mesh fencing and goal and basketball activities. Thermoplastic line markings gives court boundaries. This new MUGA area creates a space were children can play sports without the danger of balls flying off a hitting other children or buildings.

The transformation of the playgrounds at Laycock Primary is phenomenal and the children can now play in a stimulating and exciting space that complements their education.

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Date : 15 Dec 2015

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