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Manor Road Primary School

Date: March 2012 Onwards

Manor Road Primary School in Chorley, Lancashire, is another school that we have worked with on numerous occasions, turning their external areas from a colourless and uninspiring tarmac area into a vibrant and fun packed playground.

The first project was in 2011 in the schools KS1 area. There was little in the area, with the only activities being a road track and large tractor tyres. The brief was to make this in to an area with an array of equipment, such as an outdoor classroom and sensory play.

Once work started, it was clear that the new space would have a completely different look. A timber pergola with a cladded back housed a mini storyteller’s area and water and sand play. A large barked area with a half tree seat provided an attractive seating area, neighbouring a large planting area.

Our low-level storage units provided some much needed storage, and a 4m Imperial Gazebo giving a place to relax and sit even in wet conditions. Children could navigate their way through the new area by a textured pathway with a timber bridge feature.

After the success of the playground, it was decided to move on to the next stage of development of the outdoor space: creating a large stage and pathway. This multi-level decking area was built entirely on site and offers an elaborate platform for children to perform on. Trellis panels were used so theatrical backdrops could be installed when required and ramps allowed wheelchair users to access the stage too. At the same time, one of our triple sail shades was installed towards to front of the school to provide a colourful seating area for waiting parents before and after school.

That latest stage is the installation of our 3000 Activity Net Climb with rubber grass mats. The rotating unit challenges children and helps build strength and coordination.

The school’s children love the new areas and we look forward to the next stage of their outdoor space.


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Date : 06 Sep 2015

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