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St Francis of Assisi School

Date: August 2012

Before Playsound started work at St Francis of Assisi, the area to be worked on was a large area of coloured wet pour, which although bright and decorative provided little in educational value. The school wanted to make better use of the area and provide different textures and surfaces. A more natural look was needed to break up the man made wet pour.

Once a design was agreed upon with the school work went smoothly. A textured pathway consisting of block and tactile pavers, shingles and cobbles provided bumps and lumps for wheelchair users which led around a mini trim trail. To one end of the oval shaped pathway a digging area, den area and a timber Play Cabin.

As can be seen from the photos, the children at St Francis love the new area, particularly digging in the soil and planting areas!

Class Activities


Date : 06 Sep 2015

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