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The Airport Pub, Manchester

Here at Playsound we have done quite a few projects for the Robinson’s brewery before so when the owners of the Airport Pub in Manchester approached Playsound to design and build an exciting ‘wow’ factor play structure to go into their beer garden it was really exciting to do something completely different. So after a few ideas were drawn up and discussed, the final play unit was finalised to be an air-plane climber. This being a perfect fit with the pub’s current theme due to its location right next to the runway at Manchester Airport. The unit is full with exciting features that children can spend hours playing on whilst their parents and families are relaxing with their drinks or food in the beer garden. The final design was made with a combination of Timber, steel, and bright HDPE Panel features for that extra detailed finish making the unit eye catching within the outdoor area. 

The play unit includes: – Two sets of timber steps and a ramp and rope for access up to the two 0.9 high platforms, two steel slides at the back and side of the structure, a crawl through tunnel with window features down the centre, also a pair of steel/ timber cladded wings with a half height scramble net on one side and a swinging log traverse on the other to add great play value to the structure. Right at the front of the plane is there a cockpit that children can look out to onto the views of the runway whilst letting their imaginations run wild. To finalise the the whole area black and white wet pour surfacing was put down in the design of a run way to bring the climber together within its location. Overall the new unit has been a great hit with the happy customers at The Airport Pub and has added great play value to the business. 

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Date : 08 Sep 2019

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