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Y Bryncynan Inn

Date: March 2013

The Y Bryncynan Inn, part of Robinsons Brewery, previously had a large and unattractive barked area that had had some old and rotten timber play unit. Although in a somewhat remote looking area, the Y Bryncynan Inn is situated on one of the main roads in North Wales and is a popular spot particularly in the summer for holiday makers. It prides itself on its popularity particularly with families, so something was needed for young children to play on whilst parents relax.

The play area only has a boundary wall separating it from the main road so it was decided to make use of this situation and install a play feature that would attract passers-by and become a symbol for the local community.

After a number of proposed designs it was decided on a huge pirate ship due to the nearby coastal position. It sees the second of our flagship HMS Invincible being installed, with the bow of the ship overlooking the road. Safety surfacing was provided by means of rubber wetpour.

Our installation team made use of the pubs accommodation and spent two weeks actually putting the ship in the ground, with the ship itself being made entirely in the Playsound workshop. The ship itself is constructed around a steel frame, meaning that the Invincible can withstand the heaviest of use. Each frame was galvanised first then powder coated as to avoid any potential issues of rusting and corroding from the nearby salty sea air.

Since the HMS Invincible was installed in the pub play area, the Y Bryncynan has seen an increase in visitor numbers, showing that an imaginative and well thought out playground should be a priority of any family orientated pub. Landlord Gina said “From the word go Playsound did everything possible to make sure that the new play area was exactly what we wanted. We cannot believe the difference the new Pirate Ship has made and has made it a landmark that attracts families from all over the region. Business has boomed since the play area opened and it’s great to see the excitement on children’s faces when they race towards the ship. I want to thank Brian, Cathie and everyone involved in this.”

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