All playgrounds great and small

delph side after

School grounds are made up various spaces, from wide open tarmac playgrounds to small, confined corners. It’s easy to just think of making use of the larger areas, but even in the tightest spots it’s possible to create a valuable place which can be used rather than left untouched.
One such example is at a school playground we completed recently. Situated next to a portakabin and a container, the space was just a rubble and grass surface with hidden corners which made it near enough unusable. The school however, realised the potential the space had. Having previously worked with us here at Playsound Services Ltd, we worked together to come up with a low-cost design which made the most use of the space.

delphside playgrounds before and after

The first step was to re-landscape the area and move the container store. By levelling the area it meant that the container could be positioned so that there were no hiding places for children and opened up the area. Artificial grass was laid to allow use of the area throughout the year. To make the area more attractive a 4m planter bench was installed which will attract wildlife once the flowers start to grow and some additional seating in the form of a circular table and bench was positioned. Finally, the alleyway by the portakabin was blocked off with some timber picket fencing with an access gate. The end result is an playground for children to enjoy and relax in whilst providing teachers with an attractive entrance to the portakabin.
An example like this one just goes to show that with a little imagination each corner of your school grounds can be utilised in a way that will enhance a child’s time whilst at school. The work doesn’t even have to cost a fortune, it may surprise you how little it would cost for a project such as this. Some great ideas for spaces include installing a small sensory garden, musical area or just a simple seating area. No matter how small or big the area every space can be maximised to create an amazing playground.

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