There is nothing more frustrating than having your playground equipment being cordoned off due to a rotten log or a rusty steel climber. It limits staff to what activities they can provide externally and children lose out on fun and physical challenges. Repairs can always been done but it can prove to be costly and the equipment can be out of use for a few days until the repair is fixed. Simply put, regular maintenance of your outdoor playground equipment can save a lot hassle.

Looking after your playground and its equipment can be time consuming when there are other jobs to be done around the school. Our “End of Installation Pack” provided after each project completed by us explains what can be done to prolong the life of the materials used in your playground. It includes details on how to treat your timber and steel each year to maximise the life span of your products. This can prove to be tricky however due to children wanting to use the equipment, wet weather and other work that needs to be completed.
We have created a unique service that aims to provide full care of your playground equipment. The most complete package available, the aim of this is to alleviate the hassle of playground issues. For each one-year subscription, we will provide a bi-annual full inspection from one of our RPII trained inspectors who will closely examine each piece of equipment, checking for any health and safety problems that may have cropped up. A complete report will then be provided on the status of each playground product, along with any recommendations on any work that needs to be carried out. The inspector will check the structural integrity of timber and steel components and look for any excessive wearing on moving parts. Along with this, each year we will come to you and paint your play area in preservative. This could vary from a climbing frame to a timber canopy, and doesn’t have to be a Playsound product.
There’s never any guaranteed way of eliminating any repairs or issues that may arise but a Maintenance Service such as ours greatly reduces the chances of this and in the long run will save you a great deal of time and money. Give us a call on 01695 717229 or email for more details.

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