Outdoor Classrooms

An outdoor classroom means many different things to different people. To some, it is a term that embraces an idea that children can learn by play and exploration and encourages fine motor control, social-emotional development and creative expression. It “evolves from the real needs of children, offers activities that are personally meaningful to them and fully embraces developmentally appropriate practices in Early Care” (outdoorclassroomproject.org).
To others they are a physical structure that provides shelter outside of the school building, in numerous forms of design.
Whichever way you look at outdoor classrooms, Playsound encourages the use of external spaces to enhance the learning experiences of children with our range of play equipment. Our range of what could be classed as a typical “outdoor classroom”, i.e. a non permanent structure that offers shelter from the elements, are made completely bespoke for you. No two canopies are alike, with made to measure lengths and widths as well as optional extras such as cladded walls and storage. The purpose of these canopies is also limitless- some people use these as a covered area for teaching and playing whilst others use these as storage for external provisions.
Our structures can be made from timber or steel with polycarbonate or PET roof sheeting providing a strong and sturdy roofing system.
Whatever you believe is an outdoor classroom, Playsound is here to help. You can see more on our website.

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