Over The Hill

When you mention slopes at this time of year you automatically think of snow and skiing, but this posting is not about skiing. This is about an increasing trend for schools to maximise the most of their outdoor space, including steep sloped areas.
In the past few months we’ve had an increased amount of customers ringing up saying they want to turn a natural mound into an area that children can play on rather than having to only use flat areas. This is a brilliant use of what could be thought of as an unusable space.
There are numerous advantages to building your play area around a slope, one being that children love to run and roll down hills so why not make use of it?! Encourage the kids to exercise and power themselves up the slopes. Legs muscles are developed on gradients and they provide a more stimulating surface than a flat area.
The ways you can use the space are endless. Previously we’ve installed ideas such as tube slides, climbing ramps, timber steps and tower platforms. If you’re concerned about the mud built up by children running up and down, why not put some artificial grass down which encourages all year long use?
It used to be that any hills or mounds in a school playground just resulted in children charging up the slopes then rolling down them like a barrel which then became a health and safety. This often led to the site becoming cordoned off or unused ground. Instead, contact Playsound and we will be able to provide you with some innovative ideas that will transform your slope to a fun and safe play space.

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