Activity Net 6000

Activity Net 6000



The Activity Net 6000 is our biggest single mast product, perfect for busy tourist areas and playgrounds as it allows for a large amount of people to climb. 6 metres in height, children and adults, from 5 to 55 years, can play on the Active 6000.  Available in different rope colours and foundation types.

Key Features

  • Exciting Rope Climb
  • 18mm Braided Nylon Rope
  • Stainless Steel Mast

Product Sizes (Approx.)

9350mm (w) x 9350mm (d) x 6000mm (h)

To find out more about this and other outdoor playground products, please contact us on 01695 717229. Alternatively,  click on the “Add to Quote” button on this and other items then navigate to “Request a Quote” on the top menu to prices and your shopping list.

Additional information

Product Type

Activity Nets, Netscapes


Leisure Providers

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