Time to Plan Your Playground


It’s not even the end of January yet the memories of the Christmas holidays seem a lifetime ago. Instead you now have the thought of another full year to work through, to prepare and  plan what the next 365 days could or should bring.
As with anything, it’s always best to take a long-term view when making a plan. It’s always worth thinking about what’s going to happen about the summer and autumn so you can prepare budgets and timing. Large projects can often take time to prepare and to gather together the finances needed or for fund-raising, often taking a number of months. This particularly applies for new play areas for your school, pub or holiday park. Considering lead times from placement of order to the start installation date are often 4-6 weeks, working backwards in time allowance needs to be made from designs, alterations, decision making and finding finances. Other jobs that need to be completed take time too and often delay other necessary tasks.
January and February makes ideal times to start thinking about your playground and to plan. You may have an existing play area that is outdated or has seen better days. It could be lacking in a particular element such as physical play, sensory or imaginative role play. You could just be looking for help with maintenance to keep your playground in a good condition. Whatever your situation, it’s worth thinking about as outdoor play is an important of a child’s life growing up. Even though the weather may not be great and it’s tempting to leave it until sunnier months, make your life less stressful, take your time and make sure you make your outdoor space is a place to be proud of. Call us today to book your free playground design consultation on 01695 717229

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