Why you should get a MUGA…


It’s nearly spring which is always a sigh of relief for many. The ever increasing days means that there’s the opportunity to drive home in at least some amount of light and the sight of the sun is always welcoming. The cold and frosty mornings are still a reminder that winter is still lurking, but a sunny but cold day always lifts the spirit. Yet rain is never far away. Playing fields, hard and frozen, become saturated with water resulting in mud-filled spaces that are total unusable for regular use. That’s why a MUGA could be a good investment.
PE is always difficult throughout winter and early spring. The fields are unusable for obvious reasons and alternative tarmacked areas are either flooded or slippy. Installing a MUGA area is an ideal solution. They provide an all-weather surface within an enclosed space that prevents flying balls hitting nearby staff and pupils. Our colourful and long-lasting steel fencing provides a safe and secure area that children can play a number of sports in in a separate area. Colours can be specified to match your school colours.
Various surfaces are available but using specialist artificial grass with added line markings means that there are is space for children to run about in without the risk of slipping on icy tarmac or muddy fields. The areas don’t have to be used just for PE, but also for lunch and break times.
One of the big advantages of a MUGA area is how versatile they can be. They can be as big or as small as you need. Various sports are available, from football, cricket, netball to target practice with special target panels. There is also a range of options for fencing heights depending on your requirements.
Make the most of your outdoor space whatever the weather with a brand new Multi Use Games Area. Visit our MUGA pages here for more details

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