Is your design service free?

Yes, from the initial design of your new area to the creation of any new product, our design service is completely free

There is a split in my timber, can you replace the log?

Timber is a natural product that will expand when wet and shrink when dry, so cracks and splits are completely normal and don’t affect the strength of the wood. There is no issue unless the split becomes wider than 8mm when it can become a finger trap, in which case please call us to investigate further

What maintenance is required once the equipment is installed?

Once a project is completed we will provide you advice on how to make sure your new playground is kept in good order. Anyone competent is more than capable to follow the advice such as a caretaker or someone who has an interest in DIY, but we are always on hand as well if you need any help. A full maintenance schedule and instructions will be provided and it is important that this is followed to keep your play equipment at the best possible condition.

With safety in mind we offer a selection of inspections and maintenance packages suitable for all projects. Please contact us for a quotation and details of packages available.

What accreditation do you have?

Playsound are certified by CHAS and Construction-line, with all our our staff being CRB checked. Our playground and maintenance inspectors are RPII Certified and we can offer a full post installation inspection by an independant ROSPA inspector if required

Where does Playsound operate?

We operate mainly in the North-West of England but we are more than happy to quote for supply only products for further afield. Previously we have installed playgrounds in Wales and Scotland as well as London, so please contact us for a quote.

What if I need spare parts?

We offer a comprehensive refurbishment and replacement parts service. Just call us and we would be happy to visit you and offer our expert advice on this matter.

What is the best way to contact you?

Playsound can be operated by various means, such as traditional post, email and phone, but also through our social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. All details can be found on our Contact us page.