Once the vans and diggers have left your site and we’ve installed your playground  equipment that’s not the last you’ll hear from us. After each completed project we provide you with an end of installation pack that details all of the guarantees and general maintenance advice that you will need to undertake on a regular basis to keep your equipment in good condition. On the rare occasion that you have any problems then we are more than happy to come and take a look to resolve any issues you may have.

It is essential that detailed inspections take place to make sure that your play area is safe. Playsound offer a comprehensive maintenance package to give you peace of mind and provide regular detailed inspections. Occurring every 6 months, the package includes:

  • Close examination of the tightness of all fixings including physical tests and if necessary replace any faulty fixtures and fittings covered under our company guarantee
  • Examine condition of all paintwork to determine if re-painting or touch up is required and carry out where necessary. (Damage as a result of vandalism is not covered under our company guarantee)
  • Check the structural integrity of steel and timber components i.e checking for signs of corrosion or rust especially at ground level and make suitable recommendations/repair if required
  • Check for excessive wear and possible trip points in impact absorbent surface and make suitable recommendations/repair if required. (Damage as a result of vandalism is not covered under our company guarantee)
  • Compile a 6 monthly detailed inspection report, which will include:
  1. A numbered list of each item of equipment/safety surfacing, indicating a pass or fail and any recommendations of how to improve or upgrade your equipment.
  2. General site comments
  3. A safety certificate providing that your play area achieves a low to medium risk status and that all of the minimum inspections have been carried out.

You may well have a playground already not provided by Playsound, in which case this is not a problem.

Our qualified RPii Operational Inspectors will visit you and compile a detailed report that you can keep for your records.

Call us on 01695 717229 for further details.