Badger Climber

Product Description

Our Badger climber is a development from our single Otter Unit – with its two platforms at 0.9m and 0.6m high, this Multi-play unit with two HDPE slides, steps and a rock ramp with rope is perfect for a range of ages from early years to key stage 1.

This product is a traditional, all‐ timber product that is ideal for natural areas. Various features are available, including slides, scramble nets and ramps. A timber cladded and shingle tiled roof ensures a continuation of the natural theme as well as a den area.

Key Features

  • 1 – 0.9m High Platform
  • 1 – 0.6m High Platform
  • Timber Framework and Decking
  • 2x HDPE Slides
  • Rock & Rope Ramp
  • Mini Steps
  • Variety of features available.
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