Create-A-Trail Blocks

    Create your own mini trim trail using our new and exciting Create- A -Trail Blocks!
    These movable blocks are perfect for encouraging active play as children jump, step & climb their way around them whilst building their gross motor skills as they go. The hand holes on the sides make is easy to lift and reposition the blocks into any layout that you wish to create your own custom obstacle course in your outdoor play area.

    Key Features

    • Set of 9 Blocks. (See list below.)
    • Made from Pressure Treated Timber.
    • Artificial Grass tops.
    • Moveable.
    • Can be arranged in a wide variety of layouts.
    • Helps to develop gross motor skills.


    1. Low Block
    2. Sloped Block
    3. Steps
    4. Balance Block
    5. Ramp Block
    6. Convex Block
    7. Block
    8. Concave Block
    9. Double Ramp Block



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