Featured Product: The Derwent Climber

Here at Playsound we love to create brand new play equipment for your playgrounds, with an entire range of swings, shelters and climbing units to cater for every need. Climbing units are always the most fun to design as it gives you the chance to become really creative and think back to when you were a child yourself and every day was packed full of running, climbing and spending time with your friends. By thinking like this it allows you to consider what children want and what’s going to make them think “wow!”
Often it is the more elaborate climbing units that get the recognition, such as the ever increasing range of pirate ships that we have developed over the last couple of years. These are showcase pieces, outdoor playground equipment that is going to turn heads and make a play area stand out from the crowd. We have also produced trains, planes and clamber stack climbing units.
Often the traditional climbing unit as we think of are forgotten for their more spectacular cousins, and when we say climbing units I’m talking about those four posts, square platform designs with play panels, slides and nets. They don’t have the glamour or sparkle as the other climbers. So what do they actually offer children in the playground then? Why not have a huge pirate ship in every play area?
Well, there are an infinate number of reasons why we should not forget these traditional units. Let’s focus on one example- the Derwent Climber. It is a single towered structure made from a steel and plastic platform with timber posts and HDPE panels. On first glances it may not look anything special, but on further inspection it is something that could put up a fight against any themed play structure.
Cost wise it can’t be beaten. This is an honest climber and for play areas with a low budget the value not just financially that the Derwent Climber gives is exceptional. Nothing can compare to the number of play features in such as small area, which is another bonus- the size. Not all spaces are lucky enought to have unlimited space so often clever thinking is required to make the most of an area.
The huge amount of options is impressive too. The first choice is what colour do you want the Derwent? You can have bright blues, yellows and reds, or more natural looking greens. Then, when play equipment do you want? Most Derwents come with a slide but this is not essential. You could choose to have a fireman’s pole, a scramble net, a ramp and rope…. the list is long!
It is also a playground product that adults think that children won’t be bothered about, when in reality it offers real fun and excitment. It is attractive and the various features means that children clamour to have a go and you will never see a Derwent without a user screaming with delight.
So when you’re looking for a climbing unit for your play area, remember that old phrase “sometimes the simple things are the best things”.

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