Rain, rain go away…

…come again another day!
As you may well have noticed, storm Barney has been battering the country with torrential rain and wind this week, which has made playground installation difficult! We have been installing two large play are projects across the North this week in some of the most weather affected areas- Preston and Ilkey, Yorkshire. These towns have seen trees blown over and roads closed due to flooding, but this hasn’t deterred our installation teams from battling against the elements. Add the fact that both playgrounds were designed on slopes didn’t help matters!
Luckily, we are very experienced in these sorts of conditions. These situations can be dealt with in a variety of ways, such as working on sections that don’t require much digging or ground works. Our teams are extremely dedicated and do whatever they can to continue working as long as it is safe.
Communication is key in situations like those experienced this week, so we keep an open dialogue with our customers to ensure that all parties are aware of the situation. Sometimes there is no option but to leave the site until the weather has subsided, but we will be sure to come back at the first possible opportunity.
Whatever the weather brings, Playsound are sure to put your needs first.

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